Monday, 13 February 2012

Back to work

The end of January signalled the end of my Maternity leave and the start of a whole new working routine. I have had an amazing time spending the last seven months being a full time Mummy and hope to be able to juggle being a Mum and a full time Jeweller with not too much difficulty...time will tell, I am sure it can be done!
It is so exciting working from my new garden studio, it's got a little bit more to do to it before total completion, but it is workable in just now (above images show the progress). It's much bigger than I expected with room for my bench and tools as well as all my other making supplies, storage, table and chairs and a small sofa.  Towards the second half of this year with any luck I will be able to hold some small classes in there too!

The next few months will be spent making a new collection of textile inspired jewels, so keep tuned for sneak peeks and other exciting news...

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