Thursday, 31 March 2011


Pictured here is a book with pages that have been cast in lead, and bound with lead rings. 70 of these books have been found in a jordanian cave, each book is just a little bigger than a credit card. These books are thought to be the earliest Christian relics to have ever been discovered, but they are now missing... very intriguing. The full article can be found on the bbc website here. I think these are really incredible objects, the preservation of the text from so long ago, imagining how they must have been made, perhaps carving the letters into stone and pouring the lead over? did they do this to preserve them or so they could make copies? They are thought to be 2000 years old, just incredible that they can be deciphered and studied now.  The textures in the close up image are almost like a drawing, I wonder what they would feel like... probably pretty heavy! maybe thats why they made them so small.. all very inspiring and interesting if you ask me. 

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Remembering painted houses in Chile last April

It's a bit of a grey day here in Kinross and whilst looking at the brightly coloured prints below I remembered last Spring when I was in Chile. I am a colour junky and took hundreds of photo's just of colour combinations I saw there. These were taken in Santiago, but the best place for coloured houses is Valparaiso, in fact it's characterful brightly painted building have made it a world heritage site. I love the boldness of painting the exterior of your house like this! I really like the images with the lace in the windows, making Jewellery that looks a bit like this is something I am working on.

Annabel Grey fabric arrived!

I recently ordered half a meter of this oilcloth fabric from Norfolk Textiles, and it arrived today! The designer is Annabel Grey, I have been wishing for some of her printed textiles for about two years.
The plan is to paint two wooden chairs and a cupboard in the hall and then recover the chair seats with this here fabric. The walls are white and the floor is grey painted floorboards, was thinking of using a pale lemon yellow or a zesty spring green? but perhaps a duck egg blue would be better... off to the paint shop I go (with fabric in tow).

These two images are from Annabel's website, she also has an online shop where you can buy prints, fabric and cushions. 

Friday, 25 March 2011

Cake stands

Pictured here are a selection of cake stands I recently made and delivered to Kit and Kaboodle, a lovely vintage/ retro, handmade boutique in Newburgh, Fife. I have found many a wonderful thing here, and would well recommend a visit! I have purchased a 70's coffee pot and matching cup and saucer set with a very funky lace design on it, a very functional set of steps and most recently a pair of pale mint green plastic rose earrings. Take your time and walk round the shop at least half a dozen times as there is so much to see and discover.

New beginnings

Workshop building: A very cold start in early February... not really the best time for digging!

March, fully constructed, nearly there...

Back to the world of blogging!
I have been here before, blogging away on my 'domestic craft' blog, and for the Tayberry Gallery blog.
The last couple of years have been spent running the Tayberry Gallery in Perth, with my husband. My Jewellery workshop was set up there and we sold all sorts of interesting applied arts from contemporary British makers. We have now handed the gallery onto a new owner, friend and fellow jeweller; Sarah Spalding. Sarah will be re-opening the gallery on the 1st of April, take a peek at the fantastic selection of work on the gallery website or why not pop in when next in Perth!

As for me I am starting a whole new adventure.. working from home. I am so excited about this prospect, home is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for my work, so what better place to be.
We and by we I mean myself, the other half, my mums partner, my dad and anyone else who happens to pop by are currently in the process of building the garden workshop where all this new making and creating is going to happen. We still have to make the roof waterproof (very very important in Scotland) electricity to go in and insulating and painting yet to do.