Thursday, 31 March 2011


Pictured here is a book with pages that have been cast in lead, and bound with lead rings. 70 of these books have been found in a jordanian cave, each book is just a little bigger than a credit card. These books are thought to be the earliest Christian relics to have ever been discovered, but they are now missing... very intriguing. The full article can be found on the bbc website here. I think these are really incredible objects, the preservation of the text from so long ago, imagining how they must have been made, perhaps carving the letters into stone and pouring the lead over? did they do this to preserve them or so they could make copies? They are thought to be 2000 years old, just incredible that they can be deciphered and studied now.  The textures in the close up image are almost like a drawing, I wonder what they would feel like... probably pretty heavy! maybe thats why they made them so small.. all very inspiring and interesting if you ask me. 

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