Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hunter gatherer maker

Above images of inspiration for current piece I am working on. The simple form of the little hut and the mirror decoration from the winter palace in Jaipur are elements I will be using

The ridiculous mess that is my unfinished workshop

Well today I have been trying to do some more work on a new piece. I felt a little bit like the Ray Mears of the jewellery making world as I foraged around trying to find tools and make do with no electricity, or running water. I must have gone from the workshop in the garden up to our maisonette flat goodness knows how many times to put things in the pickle (how you clean silver that has been heated) and to find other lost things... this would be fine if I wasn't 34 weeks pregnant and finding stairs more of an effort!
I did have fun though, was really very nice working away and it gave me a taster of how lovely it will be working out there when everything is connected/ painted/ stored. The electrician was here today laying the cables, so feels like progress is being made. Hopefully I will finish the above mentioned piece in time to wear to COLLECT 2011 on Friday! 

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