Friday, 27 May 2011

Jelly Moulds

My newly purchased jelly moulds from Kit and Caboodle

Really liked this display idea from Homes and Antiques

Wayne Thiebaud: Cakes, 1963.

Wayne Thiebaud: Cakes and Pies

Natalie Smith: Brooch, 'A Thousand Dreams,' 2010

Natalie Smith: Ring, 'High Rise' 2010

Some sweet inspiration and some very interesting jewellery. I came across Natalie Smith's work while looking at Klimt 02, For those who don't know of the Klimt 02 website, it's where some of the worlds most creative and unusual jewellery is to be found! These pieces are made from plastic, textiles, steel and sugar. 

I was reminded of these fabulous creations when making jelly earlier today, it's still setting in the fridge so no image yet... but I couldn't resist making some after buying the moulds this morning. Will have to keep a look out for more jelly moulds I reckon - I really like their fun shapes, something so nostalgic/ fantastical about them - functional and yet beautiful, even when sitting on the shelf. 

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  1. Sweet blog Ebbs!
    I can almost taste the tangerine flavour milk jelly with tinned peach halves.
    One of your Grannie's favourites! Dad xx